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25 Years Of Experience In Law Solutions

Jeremy A. Peelle has been practicing law for nearly twenty years and has been working in Howard County, Miami County, Tipton County, Cass County, Clinton County, Grant County, and Carroll County communities. Jeremy Peelle has lived in Kokomo since 1977 and he appreciates the local community and the unique legal challenges facing its residents.

Jeremy Peelle is only admitted to practice law in the State of Indiana.

Jeremy Peelle provides quality legal services to clients in the following areas:

  • Divorce and Family Law
  • Child Support and Visitation
  • Collections and Creditor’s Rights
  • Business and Corporate Law
  • Contracts and Real Estate Transactions
  • Civil Litigation (Plaintiffs and Defendants).
  • Small Claims
  • Municipal Law
  • Personal Injury Cases

Jeremy A. Peelle has been practicing law for nearly twenty years. He understands the challenges clients face and wants to help them throughout the legal process. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Jeremy at 765-450-6851.


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